In the Beggining

It’s a Tuesday night which means writing group is upon me. This week our theme is blogging. Our homework is to create and execute 5 entries for our blogs. I find this prospect daunting. My blog has been vacant since I created it about two months ago. I am fleeting in my interests and while my first post floated the web unread, I forgot the endeavour completley. I admitted to the blogging expert that I was disheartened by the feeling that nobody was reading what I wrote,

‘Blogging is not about popularity, it is about personal enjoyment.’ She informed me. Maybe that’s where I was going wrong. Next, she tells us we must create an angle to our blogs. My mind flashes blank. Apart from a page of shameless confessions which would leave me hiding from public view forever, I could not think of any angle. It seems then that the only thing I could write consistantly about is my writing attempts. This may not be an original nor edgy idea, but I am sure the interest comes from the execution! As my writing has consumed me entirely this year, it seems an adequate subject choice. I have been writing my musings for years and yet have only recently made any real effort to persue this further. Proffesional writing has always been my ultimate goal and yet, through fear or laziness, I have always put off serious action. That is until this year when I took the ultimate step and joined a local writing group. Since then, I have moved mountains.

That’s a lie. I have however entered into a short story and poetry competition. That’s pretty mountainous in my book. After years of writing for nobody but myself, I have finally moved in a much more serious direction. As I wait impatiently for results to be announced I am busying myself as best I can. Me still being an amateur, I am quite sure I will not be placed but a girl can dream. In my idealistic head I will win my first competition and things will go from strength to strength. In my logical head, I realise this will not be the case. Despite this, the lessons I have learnt so far have been invaluable. My mind is open for absorbing and I would like to think that this blog can offer comfort and giggles for other fellow begginers. As is thusfar the case, I will probably remain as my only reader but a wise woman once told me to blog for the enjoyment and that is ultimately what I intend to do!

Olivia x


2 thoughts on “In the Beggining

  1. I admire your honesty Olivia… just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading this post, it actually made me smile a little, because it reminds me so much of myself. I wish you success in this endeavor.
    KellyP (Kapurnum)

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