Finding a Voice

Every writer talks about their ‘voice’ coming through in their writing. It has been fascinating to me, since developing my love for short story writing, that my voice is very unexpected. I have always seen myself as the dark and broody type, a view which has been reinforced thus far with my poetry. This year however, as my collection of short stories grows, I have realised that my voice is much more light hearted. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to get stuck into the gritty subjects that have always interested me. And yet, I have developed a new love for writing say, a comedy, and hearing titters from my audience. It strikes me as odd that years of writing poetry about my experiences taught me less than the characters of my imagination. The people I have created and the way I have created them has taught me things about myself that I have never known. Established writers may well be reading this and thinking that it seems incredibly obvious and for that I apologize. But for somebody who is new to the art of creating worlds of my imagination, this has fascinated me no end. It has also enriched my life and made the days seem so much fresher. All I can say to other newcomers is to enjoy your voice in whichever form it presents itself. This is surely where the fun begins!

Olivia x


7 thoughts on “Finding a Voice

  1. Hey Olivia,
    It’s cool that you found your writer’s voice. It feels so good, doesn’t it? I don’t think established writers will turn up their nose at your post. If anything, they should be happy that someone else shares their passion of creative writing.

    I’ve been writing stories since the age of eleven–how long you been writing?

    Keep smiling,

    • It feels amazing!! I’ve written since about 13 but in a sort of memoir style. A writing group I joined recently has convinced me to venture into fiction which has been so much fun!

      • That’s good. I actually found a local writer’s group in my area–my first meeting with them is tonight. I’m so excited! Good luck with your writing.

        Keep smiling,

      • Oh I hope it goes well for you! Since joining, my writing has developed in leaps and bounds and I am sure you will have the same experience as I did. Time and advice from other writers is invaluable! Good luck :)

  2. It’s great that you have gotten to that stage. I once complained on a online writing course to other students, that my ‘voice’ doesn’t seem to be ‘changing’ or more to the point, it doesn’t want to change. Now matter what scenario I give it, it just want to be there! At a point I got frustrated as after starting so many stories I was hoping that I would invoke and therefore see a change in my writing but no such luck. So, I’ve kinda accepted that maybe, that is the way it wants to remain. I just have to deal with it!

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