A Hard Day’s Night

After a 9 hour shift at work I feel uninspired in every way. I understand how important a side job can be for a writer starting out but I find it sucks away all my creativity! There is no place for my mad musings in a work place it seems. I am ashamed to say that this week I have not written a thing. My mind seems to have fallen into a distraction that I cannot pick it out of. There are a variety of reasons for my lack of productivity. Firstly, after watching ‘The TV Book Club’ for a whole Sunday afternoon, my love for books has once again taken over. A page turns into a chapter and a chapter turns into a book and before I know it, the day has gone. Secondly, my shining new copy of Mslexia writing magazine arrived yesterday morning and I have since spent my writing hours pouring over it’s wise pages. Lastly, I have spent all the rest of my time blogging. Yes, I have done what my writing teacher informed against and let my posts get in the way of my writing! However, even writing a blog post is better than staring at a blank page. Already, I can feel the tension of the day leaving and my mind slowly turning itself on again. Yes, I do turn my brain off at work!

I would like to thank those that have been reading my posts. I have been pleasantly surprised to have some feedback. It’s very satisfying to know that other people have been where I am now and come out the other side.

Here I am, rambling away and putting off what really needs to be done! I will bid you farewell and get back to staring at a blank page.




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