The thing with technology

Christmas last year brought with it a beautiful typewriter. I have always wanted a typewriter and was so pleased with this gift. I am ashamed to say however that three months later, I have written very little on this beauty. My want for a typewriter stemmed from the fact that I found it very difficult to write on a computer. I didn’t feel any inspiration from a computer screen. When I write, I like to be involved in the process. As much as I hate to admit it however, a computer is just so much easier. I hoped that a typewriter would be quicker than writing by hand, yet not as impersonal as writing on a computer. The problem I found with my typewriter is that it’s quite painful to use! (I have weak fingers) I also found it really irritating how I couldn’t just press backspace and remove my mistakes. I am therefore ashamed to say that the computer wins this battle and my typewriter has settled to look good on my table. What a sad state of affairs.

Olivia x


2 thoughts on “The thing with technology

  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I find myself scribbling on a notebook or piece of paper and then I type it over on my computer. I laugh at myself but I like to be… intimate with my work (specifically my characters) and like you I don’t think the computer gives me that.

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