Sunshine predicament

The appearance of the sunshine has reminded me of a common problem I have every year. I find it impossible to write outside. So many writers speak of the inspiration that comes to them when they write outside but I’m the complete opposite. There are two main reasons I can think of for this. Firstly, outside is full of the worst distractions, what with all those bees,  butterflies and noises, my mind finds it impossible to get into that creative space. Secondly, it beats me how anyone can write when the sun’s beating off of the computer screen and making it impossible to see anything! I wish I were one of those that worked best in the sunshine. I find that my avoidance of writing outside means that I get very little done when the sun is out. Who wants to sit in a dingy room at a computer screen when they could be led in the garden with a good book? I suppose it’s just another of my many excuses for not writing, but it’s a pretty valid one. I am also ashamed to say that I have a habit of needing the television on when I’m writing. It’s not a case of watching it because I’ll put on a program and find I haven’t seen any of it, it’s just a comfort thing. Silence doesn’t seem to inspire my writing strangely enough. This may be another factor as to why, outside with no television, I struggle. For whatever reason, my best writing is definately done during winter. Nevermind, off I go to enjoy the sunshine!!!

Olivia x


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