My Stationary Obsessions

I have adored stationary since a young age. The look of a stationary shop has filled me with glee ever since I can remember. As with all obsessions, this comes with it’s difficulties. I cannot walk past without purchasing something. Imagine my glee then when I found a valid reason to buy endless notebooks. My excuse soon became, I need it for my writing, and people would leave it at that. This worked for a while but then the problem grew as my notebook collection soared to uncontrollable levels. I couldn’t be satisfied with just the one notebook, I needed them all and I needed to be using them all. Once a new notepad was purchased, I didn’t feel like writing in the old one any more, the new crisp whiteness was so much more appealing. This resulted in a variety of half filled pads lying around the place which created a feeling of unease in me because I hate to leave things incomplete! This is not a problem I have stumbled across for a while because, although my list of empty pads now stands at 6, I have found I am not using them as much. To be honest this saddens me greatly because there is nothing more fulfilling than flicking through their pages and seeing the words flash past your eyes. Now I find that all my work is stored in a file, on the computer. The main reason for this is that, to write a short story long handed would take over double the time. On top of the fact that I don’t like rough pieces in my pads. They hold the creme de la creme of my writing! I cringe at the idea of somebody picking one up to have a read and seeing scribbles and rubbish all over the place. Needless to say, the pads are for my eyes only but you never know! If I were to die, I wouldn’t want my name soiled when people came across my notepads and wondered what on earth they were all about. It’s also for my well being, if my pads are in a state of disarray, then so is my mind. It is for these reasons that the computer has become a favourable choice but I have vowed to myself from today to begin using my old friends again. The gems in my pads (ranging back from the grand age of thirteen,) have gotten me through many a hard time and it’s a tradition I intend to stick with. My dad recently told me to install and app. on my phone that would allow me to take notes wherever I am. I was dismayed! They really do have apps. for everything nowadays. A sticky on the screen of my phone could not compare to the joys my beautiful scribblings can afford me! Anyway, having now resolved to reinstate my notepads, I have come to a cross roads. To continue with my barely dented notepad, or start fresh on a shiny new one. Old habits die hard…

Olivia x


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